Pagecake is a wikiblog, providing the combined ease and power of a personal wiki and blog with a community dialogue system.
What is a wikiblog?

Pagecake is made of mods, click on a link below to learn more about what each mod does.

mod waka is your wiki.
mod blog is your blog.
mod forum is a community forum.
mod note is the core community comments system.
mod profile are custom pages for your community of users.
mod data is where you can upload images or any other type of data file.
mod thumbcache is automatic image resize and cache.
mod dimeload is a restricted-download module.
mod dumid allows users to login with external accounts (eg. twitter).
mod base a place for core files.
mod admin a place to administer the site.
mod console a place to paste special codes.
mod dice is a test mod that rolls dice for you.
mod hoe is a test 4X web game.
mod shadow is a test Werewolf web game.

Your wiki and your blog are made of chunks.

All the code for the above mods can be found at

Here are some examples of websites using Pagecake.