Mod dumid is a simple distributed login identity system.
Currently supports login with twitter, facebook, google, steam, jedi, wetgenes accounts and anonymous email.

If you can suggest any other accounts that should be added please feel free to say so in the comments. This is probably the simplest place to add features so the list of supported accounts will only grow.

To enable twitter login, you must create a twitter app and add the following to your */admin options using the secret numbers from your twitter apps which can be found at

key="***Consumer key***",
secret="***Consumer secret***",

Same with facebook which requires the following magical numbers from a facebook app. Your facebook apps can be found at

As well as the numbers, your facebook app should have the correct domains setup, eg. under website set "Site URL [] Your site's URL" to

If this is not properly set up, attempting to login with facebook will not work.

id="***App ID***",
key="***API Key***",
secret="***App Secret***",

Refer to: Mod admin