Mod thumbcache provides a simple way to cache and resize images used in your app.
These images can be contained in mod data or just be any url on any site.

For instance, to display the google logo at no more than 100x100 pixel you could use the following link

Obviously you should use the thumbcache located on your site rather than this one.

So thumbcache urls have the following simple form - the width and height must be less than 1000. If the image already fits in this size then no resize will occur since we are setting a maximum size rather than forcing one.


where * is your site domain name.

As a special case,


*/thumbcache/crop/width/height/data/id where it scales from the middle,

will request the image data associated with the given id, see mod data for more information about how to upload images to your site.

At the moment, this does not work with images in zip files unless you include the full url.