Mod data provides media file hosting.
Although much of a websites content is text, we still need to have a way of storing large (about 10meg is the current limit) files such as images, music or even swf objects (flash).

Data supports ZIP files. Upon uploading, a list of all items included in the zip will be displayed, each with their own url where you can specify your own custom id name.

Although there are limits on the size of each file, there are no limits as to the total amount of data stored.

At its current state, this has a very simple admin interface that needs to be improved. To use just go to */data where * is the name of your site and you will be presented with an upload form.

After uploading an image or other media file, it will appear in the list below the form along with a simple link for you to cut and paste into the waka or blog posts.

Currently this has only been used for images.

In the future, there will be better upload integration with the waka and blog allowing you to upload while editing a post.

Data urls are of the form */data/id/name.jpg where every part after id, which will be a numeric number, is unnecessary and simply provided to help you remember what the file is. You can use it or remove it for shorter urls. Changing this ending also provides a simple hard cache breaker.

If you provide this id when uploading a new file, it will override the old file. This is a simple way to change a file after publishing.

All data served through */data urls is liable to be cached in the browser or enroute to the browser so you may have to clear cache etc after changing one or change the name slightly as a cache breaker.