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The Gamecake Docs

Before we begin, you should probably checkout the repository; we recommend Mercurial.

For the latest version of Gamecake builds and new jams, run the hgfetch.sh script after a checkout. This will update the subrepos to the latest versions as well.

Alternatively, you can download a recent zip release from here and extract this into a directory of your choosing. README.txt should tell you everything you need to know.

Gamecake has no GUI. Instead, the download will include game examples that you can run and play from a console / terminal.

Gamecake Jams
Game examples are referred to as Gamecake Jams. To play these jams, go into the gamecakejam/"game" directory and run the following:



Raspberry Pi

It is also possible to run these games on Android or Nacl but it is slightly more complicated.

All of these games come with source code that you can modify to your hearts content to learn from and publish as your own, if you wish.

What is Gamecake?
Gamecake is a free and open source cross-platform Lua game engine that works on Linux, Windows, Android, NativeClient and RaspberryPi.

Gamecake provides a simple interface to low level cross platform APIs including OpenGL ES 2.0 & OpenAL with support for Freetype fonts, Ogg playback, PNG/JPG graphic formats, SQLite, Festival Lite, Zip reading & more on the way.

Have fun!