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Hello Anon, Login?

This time round took even longer than we had hoped and yet again there wasn't much time to add any real gameplay, things just got thrown together and it all kind of worked. Mostly.

Play the result online at http://play.4lfa.com/gamecake/lemonhunter

Hack the source at https://bitbucket.org/xixs/gamecakejam/src/tip/lemonhunter

Watch it being made live online

This time I hacked together a TTS interface to the chat piped into. Naturally what you hear is the kids spamming like the crazie and ignoring us. Not sure that is any better than us not talking? Maybe next time will be better.

Maybe we need an MC to talk over everything but really I don't think its that possible to make the act of game development into an interesting spectator sport :) Its just about recording the act of creation under pressure for documentary reasons.